Get Started

Get Started

Are you completely new to the sport of karting and not sure where to start?

A basic run down of what you need to go racing is:

  • Club Membership
  • Karting Australia Licence
  • Kart
  • Safety gear (Helmet, suit, boot, gloves)
  • Kart transport (trailer, ute)

The Karting Australia website has a great run down on how to get up and going in the sport of karting and also a breif explanation of the classes that are run. To view this page CLICK HERE

If you are new it would be best if you came down to one of our race meetings to have a look. Speak to the drivers and speak to club personnel - you will learn a lot and be able to make a more informed choice when buying your first kart to make sure what you buy will suit what you want to race!