2023 GKCV Club Calendar

Note: Wednesday's are maintenance day where the grass around the track will be mowed. When work is in progress the track will be closed. Generally this is started in the morning and takes approx 3 to 4 hours for works to be completed.

Month Date Meeting Downloads
Jan 29 Club Day Supp Regs
Feb 11-12 Junior Sprockets  
Feb 26 Club Day  
Mar 19 Club Day  
Apr 30 Club Day  
May 21 Club Day  
June 25 Club Day Supp Regs
  26 Junior Sprockets  
July 30 Club Day Supp Regs
August 4-6 Four'N Twenty 37th City of Melbourne Titles Supp Regs
  20 Club Day  
  25-27 SP Tools Australian Kart Championship Round 5  
October 15 Club Day Supp Regs
November 26 Gold Cup Supp Regs
December 10 GKCV 4.5 Hour Enduro